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Indian Culture and traditions are something which has now become renowned all across the world. We all refer to India and its culture as something very diverse and unique. But seldom do we give a thought to why things are done in certain specific ways. Indian Culture is full of several unique customs and traditions, which outsiders might find really intriguing. Most of these originate from the Ancient Indian scriptures and texts, which have dictated the way of life in India for thousands of years. Here are few tips that we would like to share with our guests.

Wanderers tips- Do’s and don’t

  • Avoid touts and taxi-wallahs at airport/stations/bus stand to help you find your hotel. Always use the tourist assistance desk for proper advice.
  • Don’t ever enter a temple, tomb, dargah or Gurudwara with shoes on and/or scantily dressed. One should cover his/her head with a cloth while in a Gurudwara or Dargah.
  • Do not wear black clothes while visiting a Jain temple. Leather articles are forbidden to be carried in Hindu and Jain temples. Taking the photograph of the deity in a temple is normally not permitted.
  • Participating in a social occasion or visiting a home requires conservative dress codes. Do not shake hands with ladies
  • Do not encourage beggars.
  • Be careful of cultural and social sensitivities of the regions. There is no single rule for that, the best way is to observe and follow.
  • Don’t eat anything offered by fellow travelers on train or road travels. It might have sleeping pills. Always travel reserved class in trains.
  • Use licensed guides for sightseeing.
  • Do not drink alcohol in public its offensive
  • Do not hunt, as killing wildlife can get out in serious trouble. Do not hurt the cow, as in Hinduism it is considered holy.
  • Indian society is conservative, particularly the older generation. it’s best to keep affectionate gestures private.

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that India is a very diverse country and a land of extreme contrasts. Each state is unique and has its own culture, and cultural norms. What may be true somewhere in India may not be the case elsewhere. There are all kinds of different people and ways of behaving in India. Hence, you should be careful not to draw a conclusion about the whole country based on limited experience.However, it is always advised to hire a local guide or take your local friend if any for navigation within the city.

Indian Cuisine

When it comes to Indian culture, one of the main elements that express the beauty, diversity, and richness of the land is cuisine. India is considered as an important food destination in the world. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religion, in particular, Hindu, cultural choices and traditions. The ßcuisine is also influenced by centuries of Islamic rule, particularly the Mughal rule. However, the item that tops this list is the mouth-watering street-foods. They’ll inspire you to pull out your cameras, explore new ways, and sometimes, even get into the kitchen and recreate. When it comes to land like Delhi, which was ruled by numerous rulers and reigns in the past, the diversity of cuisine is epic.

If you are a foodie, Delhi is one of the top destinations to cover during your Indian visit. The narrow gullies of Old Delhi narrate many stories through the overwhelming variety of street food that they offer. Top-notch dishes, iconic traditional dishes, and festive sweets are quite important. While walking through the chaotic maze of by-lanes, you can never be lost. If ever you are, you’ll probably catch the whiff of steaming samosas still hissing from the hot oil or the sweet aroma of crisp jalebis that will lead your senses.Chole Bhature holds a special place in the hearts of Delhiites but there are must visit places. 

Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas, is famous for its rich culture. But what makes the state distinctive and popular is its cuisine. Rajasthanis love their food and it is evident in their preparations. Dal Bati Churma and Laal Maas are the most famous dishes from the state super-rich in Ghee content and no Rajasthani Thali is complete without it. Apart this; Gatte ki Sabzi, Pyazz Kachori, Papad ki Sabzi, Ghevar, Gond ke Laddu, Kesar Murg and Laapsi are quite popular and mouth-watering dishes of Rajasthan.

Back in the 16th century, the Mughals made Agra the capital of India and constructed all those world-famous monuments you might have heard of. So, it’s no surprise that the Mughals left enduring imprints on Agra’s cuisine as well, much as it has in Delhi and other parts of North India. The food comprises of creamy, boldly flavored curries; lots of ground and whole spices, dried fruits, and nuts, roasted meats. It’s a rich cuisine fit for a king.

Commuting from Airport

Though easily available, taxis are an integral part of Delhi public transport. Recently, Radio Taxis have started to gain ground in Delhi. Some companies provide an on-call radio taxi service, which is slightly more expensive but convenient to book and are usually clean and air-conditioned.Cabs from the airport to Delhi can be found outside Terminal 1 Arrivals and Terminal 2 both Domestic and International Arrivals.

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The Delhi Metro has been contributory in leading in a new era in the sphere of mass urban transportation in India. The glaring and modern Metro system introduced comfortable, air-conditioned and eco-friendly services for the first time in India and completely revolutionized the mass transportation scenario not only in the National Capital Region but the entire country.

Delhi Metro is the fastest way to go to New Delhi. The superfast airport Metro Express connects Terminal 3 with the central part of New Delhi by the Orange line.

The first train departs at 4:45 AM from New Delhi and Airport and last train departs at 11:30 PM from both sides with a 15-minute frequency. It takes approximately 19 minutes from New Delhi to Terminal 3.

The Metro station is located within Terminal 3 and since March 2018 it can be also taken from Terminal 1.

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